ben oliver - Guns Forest Lake, MN

Ben is first and foremost a man who loves Jesus Christ. Serving Him and running a business with integrity and according to Gods plan are his top priorities. He is also a committed husband and a busy dad of 8 kids!  He has dreamed of owning a gun range and shop for some time and is happy to be able to combine his passion for guns, hunting and shooting into a business with which he can support his family.  

Age: 38

Hobbies:  Hunting anything with a legal season. Plowing snow (yes, I do enjoy plowing).

Favorite gun I own: Kimber Pro Eclipse

Favorite carry gun:  3 or 4 inch 1911 in 45 ACP, preferably a Kimber or Sig Sauer.  I also regularly carry a Sig P938 Equinox. 

A gun I would like to own: I would like to make my de-milled Schmeiser MP18.I fully functional. It is a great piece of military and firearm history as the first shoulder fired sub machine gun. It was designed by Theodor Bergmann as a primary weapon for use in trench warfare at the end of World War 1. Chambered in 9mm Luger it would be a very fun gun to shoot.