Kayla is the idea girl, creative genius and do-er of all things at Lakes Trading. While her awesome ninja skills may not come as natural to her as it does to the guys, she keeps up with and challenges the male ego and testosterone that surround her at the shop and even tops them once in a while. She doesnt just sit around and look pretty, she is an NRA certified instructor co-teaching Basic Pistol and Permit to carry classes with owner, Ben Oliver, and designs everything from the business cards to the outdoor signage.

Kayla first became interested in firearms after camping with a family friend who handed her a AR 15-22 and some spinning targets, she outshot her husband and has been hooked ever since. In the past 5 years she has worked to expand her shooting diversity and upgrade her skills. She is willing to shoot anything at least once.

Outside of work Kayla is wife and mommy to two bundles of pure energy (like a tornado, hurricane and explosive decompression all wrapped into one), she works hard to tie things down on the homefront. She also has a heart of the youth girls in her churchs youth group and can be found hanging out with them on Wednesday nights. Born and raised in the land of the lake and loon, fluent in minnesotan and doesnt drive a mini-van.

Age: 24

Hobbies: Cooking, Drinking Coffee, Fishing, Getting crushed at board games & being found playing with playdough, color crayons or building blocks&hellipby herself.

Favorite gun I own: AR-15 22 + spinning metal targets = firearm arcade
Favorite Carry Gun: Sig Sauer P938 Blackwood

A gun I would like to shoot: The Dillon M134D Gatling Gun, 3,000 rounds per minute. Honestly,who wouldn’t want to shoot that.

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