Everyone entering the range must sign a waiver of liability and range regulations.

No Alcoholic beverages, drugs, or persons who have been consuming those items will be allowed on the range or premises.

Shooter’s glasses or tempered glasses must be worn at all times while inside the firing area. (Prescriptions excepted)

Hearing protection must be worn at all times while inside the firing area. Muff style recommended.

Children must be supervised at all times while on premises. Children under the age of 10 will not be permitted in the firing area.

No armor piercing, tracer, explosive rounds or shot shells will be allowed.

All firearms must be clear with the action open except while actively firing.

All firearms must be clear and bagged or in a container before leaving the firing line.

No person will be allowed forward of the firing line. Contact range staff if assistance is needed.

Only persons who are actively shooting are allowed in inside of the firing area.

Only firearms in good working condition are allowed on the firing line. (user is held responsible)

No more than three people allowed per lane, only two allowed at the line.

All fired rounds must impact the bullet trap area. No impact into floor, roof, or side walls.

All firearms are subject to inspection at anytime by staff.

Rapid fire must be approved by range staff.

All firearms must be pointed down range in a safe manner at all times.

No tobacco use allowed on premises.

Use of black powder firearms is prohibited.

Photo Identification required for use of range facilities.

No holster work permitted.



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