Lakes Trading Company offers a wide variety of new and used firearms that will fit whatever need you are looking for. All major manufactures are stocked on a regular basis and items that are not currently in stock are available to be ordered upon request, based on availability. Lakes Trading Company's staff is well versed on all aspects of firearms, new and used, from basic function to complete cleaning. A free range pass is given with each purchase of a firearm.

If you are looking for a specific firearm that may be very difficult to get, a gun finding service is available. Inquire within.



If you are looking to sell your unwanted firearms or trade up into something else, stop in and see what current market value is on your gun. Lakes Trading Company, typically, pays more for used firearms than the other guys. Instead of using the "Blue Book Value" which is published once a year, LTC uses current national auction platforms to determine market value (what your gun is currently selling at). LTC then offers a competitive price to purchase or trade your used firearm, cash is paid for guns with a value up to $2500, check is used for values over $2500. Whether you are selling one gun or 500 guns, stop in a see what Lakes Trading Company can do for you.




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