We are proud to offer a variety of courses that anyone can be comfortable attending. instruction yields quality students. It is with our pleasure that we can assist and instruct you. We look forward to serving you and your family in all your firearms, training and accessory needs. Listed are a few of the classes we currently provide.

“Family First, Firearms Always, and Training Forever”

Handgun Familiarization Course and Safety Class

This introduction course or refresher course is designed to promote and teach the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe and proper ownership, handling and storage of firearms specifically handguns. The class covers all aspects of firearm safety. It also includes sight alignment, trigger control, proper grip, and stance. The mechanical functions of both double action revolvers and semi-automatic pistols are covered in depth. The final portion of the class includes live fire on the range and questions and answer period. The class includes all classroom materials, firearms and ammunition, and all range needs.

Equipment Requirements: None, if you have a new firearm you may bring it along Duration: 3 hours (2- hours classroom/ 1-hour range time) *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

Minnesota Permit to Carry Course (Previous Handgun Training Required)

IMPORTANT: Students should have had previous formal handgun training.

This course meets the statutes and requirements required by the state of Minnesota to issue a Permit to carry a handgun. The class provides an overview of firearm Safety and Knowledge, personal protection consideration, alternatives to an attack, use of deadly force, tips of awareness, preparedness, engagement, law enforcement encounters, conflict avoidance and overview of the laws. This class includes a range proficiency test demonstrating safe firearm handling, ability to load and unload a handgun, and aiming and firing a handgun accurately at distances of 3, 7, and 10 feet under time constraints. A written test is also required.

While the Minnesota Permit to Carry Course, does meet the training requirements for a permit to carry permit, no guarantee of issue is implied by successful completion.

Equipment Requirements: Handgun, 2-3 magazines or speed loaders, 50 rounds ammo Students should bring an unloaded, cased handgun. (Suggested calibers: .380 ACP, .38 Special, 9x19 mm, 40 S&W, .45 ACP, .357 Magnum or ballistic equivalents).

Duration: 5-6 hours (4-5 hours classroom/ 1-2 hour(s) range time) *Timeline may adjust depending on class size, and or class participation STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE HAD PREVIOUS FORMAL HANDGUN TRAINING.

Intermediate Carry Course

We designed this course to help people sort through the wide array of carrying options that exist today and help them decide which one works for them. We review holster selection and best uses, defensive ammo elections. As well as provide useful considerations associated with carrying a firearm daily or once in a while. Our focus is to help you sort out the confusion in the myriad of carrying options and equipment that is available today; as well as sorting out the plethora of firearm options and make suggestions for your individual needs. This course is the next step in expanding you carry knowledge.

Classroom only. No shooting, education only.

Equipment Requirements: Carry firearm, and holster if have one Duration: 2 hours (2-hours classroom), hands-on, No shooting. *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

Private Instruction

This offering is designed to meet your individual needs in a one on one setting. We will help you strengthen and enhance your present skills and abilities to a higher level of proficiency. This instruction usually involves extensive range time, which allows our instructors to evaluate your shooting, and identify, and possible problems. Help with firearm selection and ammunition recommendations are also available. It is totally customizable to your unique needs or requests.

Equipment Requirements: Customer dependent Duration: Customer dependent *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

Weapons Cleaning and Maintenance Class

This class is designed to introduce you to your individual weapon and provide you recommendations and cleaning suggestions. As well as tips for operations and use in various conditions. We also make suggestions for preventive and long-term maintenance as well.

Equipment Requirements: Individual Firearm, cleaning kit and supplies if available Duration: 4 hours (1-hour classroom) *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

Basic Firearm Familiarization Course

This course is for the individual new to firearms or one who simply wants an overview of the three basic types of firearms that one can encounter. We will be discussing the handguns including both revolvers and semi-automatics, and rifles, and shotguns in their various configurations. The class covers everything from safety rules, basic handling, marksmanship, and overall operation of each type of firearm. No shooting occurs in the course it is only hands on. In the end, you will increase your confidence, understanding and comfort levels around the various types of firearms.

Equipment Requirements: None Duration: 2 hours (2-hour classroom) *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

AR15 Builders Class

Students will build their own AR15 styled carbine from component packages they choose with the guidance of our knowledgeable instructors. Students must purchase the Lakes Trading Co Builder’s Kit for this course. Many options available.

Equipment Requirements: Builders Kit, Note-taking materials. No tools required Duration: 4 hours (4-hours classroom) *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

Refuse to be a Victim

This is the NRA based course that is a simple pro-active crime prevention program. It is an invaluable education seminar, teaching the prevention of criminal confrontation through proven safety options and sound advice. The seminar will provide you with the tools necessary to develop a crime prevention plan for your home, auto, or workplace. Also discussed is personal and physical security; self-defense tools and training options; psychology of criminal predators. This course is a must for peace of mind in a growing dangerous world.

Equipment Requirements: None Duration: 3 hours (3-hour classroom) *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

Intro to Optics

Have you wondered what optic is best for me? Now you have a class that sorts out the abundance of firearm optics, and helps you choose some options. We explain all facets of scopes (magnified and variable magnified); help understand what magnification means, sort out the difference between front focal plane vs second focal plane, as well as reticle options. Additionally, we clarify and explain the differences between red dot and reflex sights. We help you sort out the confusion by providing you recommendations for your desired application or use. Also covered is an overview of binoculars, spotting scopes, and laser range finders. Finally, a class that explains all your questions on firearm optics.

Equipment Requirements: None Duration: 3 hours (3-hour classroom) *Timeline may adjust depending on class size and or class participation

Other Courses Available upon request.

Call or e-mail for availability and prices.

We train individuals, families, security companies, law enforcement, and military. We also conduct corporate training or specialized training upon request.

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