We have a full-service gunsmith on staff. Our services range from gun cleaning, trigger installation or work, sight installation or adjustments, gun malfunctions, and more.

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General Gunsmithing prices:

  • Basic Malfunction Diagnosis: $25 (up to 30 min)
  • Enhanced Malfunction Diagnosis (after initial 30 min): $60 will call for authorization ---Enhanced Diagnosis Fee will be applied towards any labor charge requested---
  • Sight Install (Pistol) Dovetail type: $50
  • Install Recoil Pad, not including pad: $80
  • Install shotgun bead (not including bead): $25
  • Remove broken shotgun bead: $50
  • Remove stuck choke tube: $75
  • Bore Sighting w/ Collimator Grid: $30
  • Disassembly and reassembly for Cerakote Preparation: $75 (most rifles, revolvers & pistols)

Detail Cleaning (includes disassembly & reassembly)
  • Modern Pistol: $65
  • Modern Revolvers: $65
  • Modern Bolt Action Rifle: $75
  • Modern Semi-Automatic Rifle: $80 (BAR/FNAR type rifles will be charged at the timed hourly rate of $60)
  • Heirloom Weapon i.e. "Barn", "Trophy", "Closet" guns requiring excessive cleaning, conservation, and preservation: $150
  • Note: Extremely dirty or Fouled weapons (copper, lead, carbon, moly, paint, rust, etc.) that require soaking, heating or extended sonic will be surcharged $50.

Performance Modifications and Services:
  • Fluff & Buff Polishing
    • Modern Pistol & Parts: $60
    • Modern Pistol Performance Component Install: $60 minimum
    • Stippling Pistols: $150 depending on location and area to be covered
    • Polymer Contouring: $125 minimum depending on location and area to be addressed
  • Hourly Labor Rate: $60
  • Hourly Machine Rate: $100
  • Minimum Shop Charge: $25


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